Monday, May 28, 2012

Half a Century....

Lets get the birthday thing out of the way first, AT was 50 today so much celebration with cake and champagne for tea ! (I think our visitors were impressed !). Anyway managed to draw a wonderful crowd for sun, cricket and refreshment. On to the cricket....

OJ won toss for 36 over game against neighbours Great Staughton. This is first of a 2 match series played for Staughton Ashes, instigated by GS chairman Frank....great idea. LSVCC batted first on flat track. Clive Shaw hung around long enough to receive stinging blow to thigh (ouch!...nice bruise, where was the thigh pad ?). AT out for 9 to a shocking cross-bat slog, so left eventually to Hoppy (98 out) and Andy Corner (40 something not out) to build a very good score for home team. Fortunately GS capitulated to a good bowling effort from LSVCC, Nick and Conor particulary should be applauded. Andy tried to catch a ball with his nose/teeth at gulley (Ouch again ! use hands next time)...get well soon ! AT bowled 4 overs of champagne fuelled leg-spin...but pitch wasn't taking any turn. Umpire almost sent AT off for abuse, but is it normal for the umpire to tell the bowler what he is doing wrong ? Jason moving up in the umpiring world and now off to officiate for Great Staughton !....I wonder whether he will make it to Lords, although he is quickly developing tv-friendly Billy Bowdenesque eccentricities ! In contrast Roy at the other end was the epitomy of chillaxing....

Comfortable win for LSVCC, and trophy happily accepted by AT....we look forward to return down at Great Staughton in a few weeks !

Special thanks as always to K and M at The Crown for unrivalled refreshment, and also to my wife, children, and friends, for making my 50th birthday so much fun. Even better, Olly Thrasher away on U13 county duty, was man of the match as he captained Northants to comfortable victory against Norfolk.

CHURCH versus VILLAGE Ashes next week !


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