Monday, June 25, 2007

Players ?.....

Have had a few people saying that they would like to play, but don't know about games. If there is anyone, young or old, who would like to play in LSVCC matches, practice in net, or get involved in other ways, please send email address and phone number to contacts on side panel. Only stipulation is that players should live in Little Staughton. There is a match this coming sunday, so let me know as soon as you can !

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Primi Hastati...

For those who were asking....

Hastati: One of three categories of heavy infantryman in the Roman Legion of the mid-republican period (3rd and 2nd century BC). The Hastati were the youngest soldiers, and formed the front line of the legion. The standard legion contained ten maniples of Hastati, each numbering between 120 and 160 men. They were equipped with two Pila, the famous Gladius, and a long semi-cylindrical body shield, made of calfskin stretched over plywood. As the soldiers had to pay for their own armour, most made do with a simple bronze chest plate, while the wealthier soldiers had either a mail or scale cuirass. The Hastati were expected to take the first clash of battle and blunt the enemy attack before the second line, the Principes.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Grand Opening..

Clouds broke up for grand opening of LS sports pavilion by members of Pathfinders squadron 109 based at LS in WW2 (and from whom club motto has been borrowed Excellent turn out from villagers, and fine words from Chairman of PC Tony Moss. Big effort from many in village rewarded by new facility. Event celebrated with champagne and large spread. Many thanks to all ladies and gents who helped on the day particularly Mary, Marie, Julie, Julia, and Kanchan.

Onto the serious business of cricket game against Kimbolton. Despite plying the opposition with champagne, ale, and cakes, prior to start Kimbolton pulled off narrow victory against youngish LS side (age range 8 to ?). Highlights of the day included John Cutts '5-for', failing eyesight of one umpire (Martin Banks), Bob's spectacular catch, numerous spectacular dropped catches (Captain Hoppy leading by example here), father and daughter run out combination (Maya throw from boundary to dad behind stumps), Julia Harris's marvellous cakes at tea time, and Tony Moss's valiant attempt to hold up one end (golden duck). All retired to The Crown for sustenance. Other comments and memories welcome.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LSVCC v. Kimbolton Sunday 17th June

To be preceded by opening of new pavilion at noon, and followed in the evening by refreshments in The Crown. Cricket to start at 1:30, so assemble at 1pm.


James Hopperton (capt)
Adrian Thrasher(W)
Tony Moss
Pete Pullan
Jeremy Jacobs
Phil Wayles
John Cutts
Maya Thrasher
Oliver Middleton

12th men
Freddie Pullen
Mark Christie
Olly Thrasher
Tom Lumley

Roy Hopperton
Martin Banks

Monday, June 11, 2007

Captaincy debate....

I was impressed with Adrians approach last year. Strengths lie in blatant intimidation of opposition and umpires employed so successfully against LS CC. Weaknesses difficult to establish, perhaps a little too severe on injured team mates.

Tony of course adds that extra strategic dimension and given todays technology he could still captain on a "virtual" basis even while in Africa.

Given hoppys anorak approach this wouldn't be the case whilst on a combine.

Jasons too involved with property development whilst Ian Harris has yet to prove himself at the lowest level.

Jeremy will be applying his trade elsewhere if the MCC grapevine is to be believed

That leaves Roy Hopperton, Martin Banks and Pete Pullan and it's difficult to make a case for any of these without a huge stretch of ones imagination.

I have my supporters but I'll be spending more time with an extended family, which one remains to be seen.

To conclude I'd take Adrian as Captain with Tony offering added value governance from deep third man.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fixtures for 2007 so far....

Please put these dates in diary. Lets also try and arrange some nets beforehand to loosen joints !

Kimbolton Sunday 17th June
HM tax Office Sunday 1st July
Great staughton Friday 13 July (7pm)
LS Church Invitation XI special fixture Sunday 2nd September