Sunday, November 15, 2009


LSVCC AGM and prize giving held in Village Hall 13th here for AGM minutes

Many thanks to Martin Banks for all his sterling work and support for the club. He voluntarily stood down to make way for Bernard Hopperton as President....however, Martin plans to play an even more active role in future club activities. Also congratulations to Ollie Jordan (best bat), Olli Middleton (best bowler), Richard Smith (clubman of the year), The Newell family (family award), and especially to Jake Cain who was awarded the Cliff Hopperton Cup for most improved player over the season. Special mention was made of Clive Shaw (needs most help), and Pete Pullan (for long hours maintaining pitch). Many thanks to all officers of the club, particularly to James Hopperton for getting teams on the pitch, and Roy Palmer for sustaining a thriving junior section. All bodes well for next season.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

And finally for 2009....

Under 30's versus over 30's 2 innings match in warm conditions of true Indian Summer. Once again, top class fun organised by OJ. Veterans compromised by Test match pace opening partnership in first innings, dodgy umpiring, and it has to be said some highly skilful performances from younger members of the U30's. For over 30's injuries included one groin strain and black eye sustained by CS attempting to catch ball with nose......we will all return next year older and wiser.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Wonderful end of season juniors match against Little Paxton on playing field....LSVCC juniors running out narrow last over losers, but all played excellently and represented the club with distinction. Well done to all, not least the coaches !

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Little Staughton ASHES 2009.....

Towards the end of summer now, but fine day for now traditional (second anyway, last year rained off) LS ASHES...for those not at the first fixture, the ashes arose from Freddie Pullans bat which was cremated in CS's fire after shattering. Now encased in copper pot and awarded each year to winning team of Church (captained by Bernard Hopperton, sadly injured and off for knee replacement the next day) versus Village (nimbly skippered by Charman of PC Tony Moss). Large crowd gathered throughout day to watch firstly a juniors game of KWIK CRICKET on square, then highly tense last over finish in which OJ scraped the Village side home again through mixture of big(ish) hits, and multiple lives (dropped catches). Highlights included a 5-for from Daniel of the Church side, quite possibly the most ludicrous golden duck (RS) achieved through an acrobatic pirrouette leaving the bat face down on top of stumps, and Mr Finch's resurrected cricketing skills and bad back. Scorers kept calm despite increasing pressure as end neared....many thanks Catherine and umpires Roy and Martin !

The first LSVCC Junior prize giving was held after almost 30 juniors (age 4 to 12) attended a series of junior matches on the main wicket. Well done to Neve Palmer’s team on winning the deciding match, a narrow victory. Certificates were presented to all juniors with 2009 prize medals (awards for younger juniors and older juniors in each category) going to:

Best all rounder - Tommy Bates and Michael Richardson.

Best bat - Laurie Stothard and Adam Richardson .

Best fielder - Jake Richards, Joseph Bates.

Best catcher - Joseph Smith and Sam Edgeley.

Keenest cricketer - Benjamin Smith and George Miller.

Tried the hardest - James Price and Neve Palmer.

Most entertaining cricketer - Jacob Jones and Emma Edgeley.

Well done to all our juniors - it is fantastic to see real progress being made.

To complete a successful season, there will be a regular practice session on Wednesday 9th at 6 pm followed by a match against Little Paxton Juniors on 13th September, 2pm.

The 2010 season is expected to start first week after Easter, tbc. Any queries, contact Richard Smith or Roy Palmer.

Most of all thanks to Tony and Bernard for organising the day, and to Kevin and Maria for suppling refreshments and spectacular paella to finish. Also to Roy Palmer and Richard for all hard work with Juniors over the season.

...a real Village day I thought, and excellent advertisement for the spirit of our community.

Photos added to album....

AT and RS

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Online poll result....

Q. Do you think toilet facilities should be installed in pavilion - 22 votes for yes, and no votes for no.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stats - 2nd time lucky

Stats all up and working now - thanks Adrian


Monday, August 24, 2009

Kimbolton Castle Rotary Challenge....

Another glorious day for challenge set down by Kimbolton Castle Rotary Club. Some confusion as to who was in Rotary and who would play for Village side, but by tea each team had 11 players (or participants). Rotary side batted well to reach 117, including fine knock from CS (why he doesn't do that for LSVCC I don't know), and glimpses of fine cricketers from the past. Captain Moss missed out again trapped in front of stumps.....blamed umpire and the pitch. Newcomer Charles bowled well for three wickets (including near hatrick), and Ben T caught fine catch of his own bowling. Dad T dropped sitter behind stumps (sorry OJ). However, spectacles needed for PP who failed to spot that CS was 3 feet out of crease when bails whipped off....

LSVCC batted solidly, including undefeated 30 from CB, and a few lusty blows from NM. Big guns lower down order not needed, and trophy secured at same time as Ashes victory at Oval with MT and skipper JH still at crease. All retired to Crown for pork, trimmings and well earned refreshments. David Watson, president of Kimbolton Castle Rotary presented unique trophy to skipper, and man of the match to Tony Moss, captain of the losing side....challenge to be resumed next year.

Lots more pictures uploaded into photoalbum....
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

St Neots Methodists....

Searing heat for evening game against St Neots Methodists....standin-in skipper (AT) opted for shade, while opening bats Moss and Shaw opted for cool test match style approach. OJ sent in to up the pace, should have been out twice on boundary, and eventually miscued for disappointing single figure score. AT rescued innings with decent 36 (retired) but booed off pitch for running out daughter (MT). Scrambled to 96 runs off 16 overs, despite widespread confusion on last ball. LSVCC fielding and bowling excellent all round....OJ made up for dismal batting, and spin twins PP and OT kept scores down. Sprinkling of wickets for all, and a good last over victory for home side.....

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Finalising a logo for shirts and maybe caps next season...have a look at images below and let me know which one you prefer. The basis for the design is from 109 squadron shield, from whom we originally borrowed the motto 'primi hastati'. I think left one for shirts right one for caps ?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Glenn Davies.....

Farewell (for now) to Glenn who has returned to Australia....I'd hoped to hide away, but after day 3 of first test I'm not so sure ! We're pleased that you had such a good time playing for LSVCC, so thank you for your very kind words in support of the club....we look forward to seeing you again in years to come. We'd also like to thank you enormously for generous donation of funds and kit. Keep in touch.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Started to load LSVCC stats sheets into Documents folder.

Overview on front sheet when opened, individual stats by clicking the number relating to your name. will upload seasons as i do them have 2008 ready but issues with upload today.

2009 ongoing sheet on going and will update as and when.

Got an 'all seasons' sheet which will update at end of each season.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Little Paxton Match Report: Sunday 5th July

With Hoppy not playing Ollie J won the toss and on a nice sunny day in Staughton, well apart from the sharp shower about an hour before the start, and a nice looking track (cheers Pete), there was only one option: bat 1st!!!!

Moss and Arch were sent out to open and a quick start was made, a few swift blows and some quick, yes I said quick singles started the board ticking, until Tony had, had enough of Jody's running and took a big swing at a straight one and missed, 1st wicket down. This brought OJ to join Jody and the pair started to form a decent partnership, with some good running, some big hits and a lot of luck from little paxton drop catches. After seeing off the opening bowler, a change of bowling at the dog poo bin end saw to the end of Arch (38 from 45 balls [thanks to the paxton scorer for marking the dot balls in the score book!!])

Phil W and Pat came and went, the latter LBW to an Easy one for Mr Banks to look at. Glen Joins OJ and sets his stall out he's not hanging around for long. A change of gloves later and OJ hits 6 over the childrens play area to bring up the 1st LSVCC 100. Phil Day replaces the retired OJ and He and Glen are not in the mood for running as balls fly to the ropes. with the 200 coming up and 8 overs left, will N replaces Glen (another Not Out knock) and comes back first ball to one that loops onto the top of the bails. Ben W replaces Will and shows him how it should be done. Batman Robbins then replaces the not out Phil with 4 overs to go and has a swing first ball, when Ben finally departs following a solid looking knock Ollie M join the love of his life and lets just say the running was not the best!!! Ollie lost his wicket with just over an over to play, and LSVCC decided not to send OJ back in so with 3 players retired and 1 not out a score of 231 for 7 dec was posted.

Following Tea, Clive took the new ball from the Greys Grove end, and should have had a wicket first ball but for Roy boy not agreeing it was going on to hit the stumps after the batsman forgot he had a bat and used his pads!! OJ then dropped the 2nd ball from a faint edge behind. Batman joined him in taking the ball from the dog poo bin end, and looked to be straight into his stride with some quick deliveries outside the off peg. these two kept balling well and deserved a wicket if not too but it took a change of balling with ollie M taking over from Clive and after testing the batsmans ability and the keepers by spraying the ball all over the place, then getting the batsman to nick one behind with Oj taking a straight forward catch. As Jody rang the balling changes with good spells from all involved (Phil W, Phil d, Ben W, Glen) little paxton managed to move slowly but surly towards their target with out losing wickets along the way.
At the 20 over drinks break Pat departed from the fray falling ill, leaving the fielding rotation easy, all players now on the pitch. with 28 overs balled and the target getting closer their opener passes his 100. A change in plan was formed and Phill D took over behind the stumps and OJ joined the attack to try and slow the run rate down a little. With good spells coming in here from all and the Fielding picked up a little with everyone not wanting to see defeat.

coming in to the final over LSVCC seemed to have done enough leaving Paxton needing 15 from 6 balls and glen balling the final over. With Oj setting a field of EVERYONE on the ropes, the bats man took a couple of byes, and then a wicket 13 off 3 and a new man on strike. with one swing of the bat make that 7 off 2, another bye leaving 6 off 1. Glen looked a little nervous at this point lets hope thats a feeling him and his fellow country men have all summer, but with a good delivery paxton were restricted to 1 from the final ball leaving a LSVCC victory by 5 runs.

A good win in the end, in what was a very enjoyable game.

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Pavilion ?......

Thought that while we were considering adding some new facilities to the Pavilion, we should use this picture as a template.....I think the pillars are vandal-proof. Taken from U10 Northants match at Stowe school this weekend.....
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Consummate performance....

Tax Office match report to be added by James Hopperton when he works out how to use blogger...

County Cap....

Kimbolton game washed out despite Pete Pullan's valiant efforts to mop up lake on square with a towel. Meanwhile, around the shires LSVCC junior Olly Thrasher received Northants County U10 cap at Stowe last week, and proceeded to demolish Hunts with spell of 3 overs 5 wkts and 6 runs (4 of those runs off a first ball loosener !).....
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Saturday, June 13, 2009


Close victory against old foes from the Aircraft Research Association
Career best innings from Patrick Dignan, assisted by home umpires unsual interpretation of the no-ball rule half way through innings. ARA never really in the chase, although Hoppy tried his best in penultimate over to gift the opposition an unlikely victory through a series of full tosses and long-hops. Ollie Jordan watching from sidelines as getting married in the morning and didn't want to risk good looks.....spent night in pub instead.

By the way, signed up membership is currently 27 adults, and 43 juniors...not bad for a small club. Also thanks to all for paying subs in good time....except that is President Banks who is still to cough up !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Challenge !....

To the gallant members of the Liitle Staughton Village Cricket Club ,

                    Let in be known that on this day  24th MAY 2009 in the
                   Reign of  HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd

The President Elect of The very honourable Rotary Club Of Kimbolton Castle
does hereby challenge the gallant members of the Liitle Staughton Village Cricket Club to a cricket match on the 26th July 2009, at the said club.

Followed by a sumptuous feast in  the local ale house known as the Crown Inn where much ale and merry making will that place in celebration of such a wondrous day of the sport of willow against leather ..

The Honourable Rotary Club will field a team known as the Presidents Select Eleven.

The Trophy to be awarded to the victorious team will known as The Presidents Middle Stump.

Rules regarding the days play to be decided by agreement of both teams . 

In the event of a draw the toss of a coin of the realm will decide the team that holds the Trophy
for one year

Let battle commence and may the best team be victorious , and the loosing team try harder!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Northants County Players....

Good to see LSVCC feeding on to higher level cricket....Olly and Maya both representing Northants this weekend, U10s and U15 girls respectively. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jazz and Hogroast....

£2264 raised at Jazz and Hogroast event to be shared between LSVCC and The Church.....many thanks to all those who contributed to great day, and particularly to Hoppertons for being the hosts.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Paxton....

First friday evening match a rather soggy event. Visitors from Little Paxton, also a reforming local cricket club. Fun had by all, LSVCC had upper hand when rain and gloom stopped play....meant an early retirement to The Crown for fish and chips. Highlights included Ollie Jordan's unbeaten 50 (although he now has a few balls to find), Glens unbeaten knock from down-under. Hoppy's multiple attempts to get himself out, and Patricks demon bowling (remarkable). Rematch eagerly awaited.....

Monday, May 11, 2009


Only delivered to 2000 homes !!......

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2nd LSVCC Single Wicket 3/5/09

Sunday 3rd May saw 14 of Little Staughtons finest take to the playing field for the 2nd LSVCC Single Wicket Competition.

In true village style the 12pm start soon became a 12.30 ish start, with Jody setting the standard with some very energetic running between the wickets, and a total of 55 of his 4 overs.

The first wicket of the day did not fall until the 4th batsman, and was a family affair with Thrasher senior bowling Junior Thrasher (Ben). Following this wickets started to become a little bit more of an recurrence, and the first run out came about off of the bowing of Pete Pullan, with James running out newbie Clive.

Notice must be made of the tactics of Peter F, giving Simon Stokes a wide down leg, then one outside off, followed by the straight which was in turn missed by Stokes the rest is history.

In the end the event finishes with a Tie, with both James and Adrian finishing with a total for the day of 59. The pair took to the net for a 3 ball bowl off, and with Adrian determined to win it with spin, and Hoppy hitting the deck forgetting it was concrete, the on looking spectators (well players), were starting to think it may be time to take to the pub and settle this with a drink off, when Hoppy chucked down a full toss taking out off peg, and our champion for 2009 was crowned.

Other areas of interest were as follows:

Most runs scored in 4 overs: Jody & Adrian (55)

Most runs scored in 1 over: Will (21)

Best Bowling 1 over: Simon (-8)

Best Bowling 4 overs: James: (10)

Most wickets in 1 over: Simon/Ben/James (2)

Most Wickets in 4 overs: James/Adrian (3)

Highest placed Junior (depends what age you class as junior): Bob 6th / Will 5th / Ben 8th

Date for Diary: 3rd LSVCC Single Wicket: Sunday 2nd May 2010

Thursday, January 29, 2009


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