Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Out of the flames came....


During the inaugural match between the church and the village a bat being used by one of the church openers was punishing the village bowlers so much that it split, well cracked. Alternatively, it cracked because it was unaccustomed to the weight that fell on it as a runout was avoided.

Later that evening, at a gathering in the Crown, the general consensus was that the fixture should become an annual event and thoughts turned to a trophy. With a clarity of thought that is often associated with the mind freeing qualities of ale it became obvious that the'bat' should become the Ashes. The owner, Freddie (Pullen not Flintoff), generously agreed to the proposal, although then displayed a degree of sentimentality by delaying delivery for some weeks, rather like his bowling.

The urn was acquired and a magnificent wooden plinth was prepared by the craftsmen of Woodwork II, Bedford College.
Finally, the bat was ceremoniously burned a specially prepared fire so that nothing would contaminate the Hallowed Ashes.

The trophy was presented to the 2007 winning Captain, Tony Moss by Church Captain Bernard Hopperton with the words 'we'll be back..'

Such is the stuff of legends!


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

End of season 2007....

End of season celebrations in The Crown, with awards to Will Newell, Ben Thrasher and Gregson for best newcomers, Bob for best bowler, James (H) for best batter (being generous), and to Dad and Olly Middleton for best father son entertainment. Special award to Clive for alround contributions....Clive also unveiled for the first time the 'Little Staughton Ashes' to be contested each year between Village and Church sides (notes on this to follow). This year handed (grudgingly) by Church side captain Bernard Hopperton to Village captain and Master of Ceremonies Tony Moss. Special note of thanks to umpires Martin Banks and Roy Hopperton, fixtures secretary Jason Newell, all the ladies who have contributed to teas, and to Kevin and Maria at The Crown for cut price beer and fine food. All looking forward to successful season in 2008, pitch preparations already underway !....

Monday, October 08, 2007

End of season stats...

Some highlights from the rather complicated statistics...batting averages first (Jody 75 (3 innings), AT 43 (4 innings), Hoppy 40 (3 innings), Phil Wayles 35 (2 innings), Noel 30 (2 innings), Gregson 22 (2 innings).....Maya and Olly Middleton on 10, Olly Jordan wasn't out (35 runs in 2 innings). Bowling, John Cutts started his only match with 5 for 18 off 5 overs, Jeremy (last seasons bowling award) 3 for 55 off 11 overs, Bob 7 for 60 off 12 overs, Olly T 4 for 49 off 7 overs, Maya T 2 for 20 off 7 overs, Ben T 2 for 8 off 3 overs, Jody 5 for 6 off 5 overs, Olly Middleton 1 for 46 off 11 overs, and Richard Finch 2 for 20 off 3 overs. AT stumped 4, and everybody dropped catches..........must also add note to record crucial contributions from all players not mentioned here.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Church v. Village.....

Our President writes:

Our season draws to a close as hot summer days shorten to golden autumn evenings. The sun shone briefly and the light faded towards the end of the day. But it was a great for the village, an entertaining cricket match between the Church team captained by Bernard Hopperton and the Village team captained by Tony Moss. Additionally over 200 hundred balloons were released at tea time, as the finale to the fund raising for more children's play equipment. Thanks to Louise King for arranging and leading the work. After the game Mary Jordan conducted the first draw of the village 200 club. Results are published on the web and in the next newsletter.

The Church team won the toss and decided that they would field first. The village got off to a solid start as Jody Arch quickly assembled 30 runs and then retired. The first round father and son competition was engaged with Olly Middleton bowling and Dad Noel batting. Freddie Pullan had to face the demon very slow bowling of Dad Pete. Of course the biggest challenge was to Adrian who had to contend with daughter Maya batting, but he successfully missed a stumping chance. The main benefit of the innings was that the scoreboard kept ticking over. Alas wickets fell as well James Moss and Fred contributed a few runs before Noel came in. Noel played well even with his limping running! Maya was still stroking the ball around the field. Eventually Richard and Tony replaced Noel and Maya. Still the runs were being added. Kevin replaced Richard and Tony was dubiously run out (again), for Gregson to join the fray. Kevin saw the innings through with Ryan after Gregson succumbed. The bowling suffered a little as the batting was building a good score, but all contributed to a good match. A great innings with a target set of 136. Which would be challenging as the light was beginning to fade.

Time for tea, and time to thank the "Wonderful Tea Ladies" for providing savouries and cakes in the best of cricket traditions. All washed down with orange squash and local ale from The Crown.

The Village team took to the field and Church team led by Bernard and Clive started to bat. Bernard was bowled early on, but Clive provided dogged resistance, including breaking Freddie Pullan’s bat! (we can burn the bat for an ashes trophy). Olly Feltz came in next and played a few good strokes and after Clive was bowled LBW, Olly Middleton was in. This spurred a change in bowling on came Dad Noel, who duly did the deed by getting his son out! Fortunately for the Village the scoreboard was not turning over too quickly, but a succession of wides and no balls proved the generosity of the Church team. Next Dad in was Peter Pullan, but unfortunately Fred could not follow Noel, and bowl him. Eventually Peter was out and in came one of the big guns Adrian. Adrian hit a few meaty blows and was soon joined at the wicket by James Hopperton. Expectations were high of quick runs being added. Then Adrian's son Olly came on to bowl his leg spin. An interesting contest was expected. However in his second over, Adrian hit a ball short and called for a quick run, but "Lead Boots" Hopperton had not moved very far from his crease. Alas Adrian was run out, much to the delight of Olly. The church tail did not wag for long after James was superbly caught and bowled by Jody. Mark and Michael did contribute a few more runs before the inevitable final wicket fell. The match end with a victory for the Village by over 50 runs

A resounding victory for the Village and commiserations to the Church team. Better luck next year.

We also gave a few over for the younger players at the end of each innings, which gives them a chance to experience the game.

Thanks got to the umpires, properly dressed and attired for the day, Martin Banks and Roy Hopperton - you must get some glue for your hat!

Thanks to Catherine and Alison for scoring, albeit quite tricky to keep the numbers on the board with the strong breeze!

After the match we retired to the Crown for pork rolls - Pig donated by Bernard and James -and cooked by Kevin and Maria who stayed open to serve the rolls and a few glasses of well earned beer. So started the inevitable stories and tales of heroics as befits such a sporting event.

A big thanks to all who turned out for the day - Attendance count was over 100 - who gave their support to the game and a successful afternoon's entertainment for the village.

Watch out for the cricket awards night date to be announced soon.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Staughton Tornados....

With four runs off two balls required to secure victory for Little Staughton, a nail biting finish to an enjoyable evening’s cricket was guaranteed yesterday evening as LS took on the Tax enforcers!
Staughton’s fielding was punctuated with some shining stars in the form of Bob’s three well deserved wickets and some less commendable catching, which resulted in Middleton senior having three catches dropped (one by himself!).
With a creditable target of 94 to chase, Staughton’s run rate was initially pedestrian until Ollie Jordan was able to punish some wayward balls and send fielders scurrying into the surrounding fields and hedges. The run rate required was challenging right up until the final delivery. Gregson was able to clinch the match for LS with some well placed boundary shots resulting in victory.
The evening was completed with our own Tornado fly past courtesy of Clive’s son who is stationed at Marham.
Thank you all for an enjoyable and entertaining evening


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Evening sunshine....

Once again clouds dispersed to reveal blue skies and warm summer evening. Another fine win for LSVCC against Aircraft Research Establishment, and as usual played in fine spirit. Alround good bowling performance, notably Maya, and top of the order batting (Jody, Adrian, James). Fielding sometimes sublime, often ridiculous...Tony once again look set for long innings, but let down by incorrect footwear. Marie out shopping right now for studs...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Global brand....

Pleased to see that LSVCC has global appeal....visits to blog from far and wide in UK, as well as Dublin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Spain and New Zealand !

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baptist Chapel Match...

Prayers answered as sun came out to dry pitch, and good crowd gathered to watch evening spectacle.....16 overs a side finished with LSVCC win in last over. Played in good spirit, and good to Groundsman Ben T who also took a wicket in his first ever cricket match ! Notable fielding performance from Clive, which may have taken wind out of batting somewhat, but also very promising debut performance. Good knocks from Jody (stand in captain while Hoppy polishing combine...) and Phil W. Final runs from AT who it should be noted has only let through 1 bye in 2 matches while behind stumps. Performance of day from Bob, who bowled beautiful in swingers to top of off-stump. Finished off with beer, fish and chips in Crown to usual excellent standard..thanks again to Maria and Kevin, as I'm sure we will repeat !

Incidentally, visiting Professor from Hamburg thoroughly enjoyed experience, and thinking of setting up home team...pointed out to him that there has been cricket in Germany since middle of 19th century due to links with public schools. Also discovered that all cricket disbanded there at time of WW2 as was politically inappropriate to associate with English game....Now there is even a German Cricket Board !

Just a note of thanks from the Baptist Chapel/C.Saunderson XI for the game on Friday evening. We all thought it was great fun and played in exactly the right spirit. A final over result in a close game was an excellent finish even if we were the losing side. Fish & Chips was a welcome addition and we’re looking forward to repeating the occasion next year. If it’s as close next year I won’t bowl the final over a avoid going for a maximum over long on!
Well done to all involved.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Players ?.....

Have had a few people saying that they would like to play, but don't know about games. If there is anyone, young or old, who would like to play in LSVCC matches, practice in net, or get involved in other ways, please send email address and phone number to contacts on side panel. Only stipulation is that players should live in Little Staughton. There is a match this coming sunday, so let me know as soon as you can !

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Primi Hastati...

For those who were asking....

Hastati: One of three categories of heavy infantryman in the Roman Legion of the mid-republican period (3rd and 2nd century BC). The Hastati were the youngest soldiers, and formed the front line of the legion. The standard legion contained ten maniples of Hastati, each numbering between 120 and 160 men. They were equipped with two Pila, the famous Gladius, and a long semi-cylindrical body shield, made of calfskin stretched over plywood. As the soldiers had to pay for their own armour, most made do with a simple bronze chest plate, while the wealthier soldiers had either a mail or scale cuirass. The Hastati were expected to take the first clash of battle and blunt the enemy attack before the second line, the Principes.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Grand Opening..

Clouds broke up for grand opening of LS sports pavilion by members of Pathfinders squadron 109 based at LS in WW2 (and from whom club motto has been borrowed Excellent turn out from villagers, and fine words from Chairman of PC Tony Moss. Big effort from many in village rewarded by new facility. Event celebrated with champagne and large spread. Many thanks to all ladies and gents who helped on the day particularly Mary, Marie, Julie, Julia, and Kanchan.

Onto the serious business of cricket game against Kimbolton. Despite plying the opposition with champagne, ale, and cakes, prior to start Kimbolton pulled off narrow victory against youngish LS side (age range 8 to ?). Highlights of the day included John Cutts '5-for', failing eyesight of one umpire (Martin Banks), Bob's spectacular catch, numerous spectacular dropped catches (Captain Hoppy leading by example here), father and daughter run out combination (Maya throw from boundary to dad behind stumps), Julia Harris's marvellous cakes at tea time, and Tony Moss's valiant attempt to hold up one end (golden duck). All retired to The Crown for sustenance. Other comments and memories welcome.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LSVCC v. Kimbolton Sunday 17th June

To be preceded by opening of new pavilion at noon, and followed in the evening by refreshments in The Crown. Cricket to start at 1:30, so assemble at 1pm.


James Hopperton (capt)
Adrian Thrasher(W)
Tony Moss
Pete Pullan
Jeremy Jacobs
Phil Wayles
John Cutts
Maya Thrasher
Oliver Middleton

12th men
Freddie Pullen
Mark Christie
Olly Thrasher
Tom Lumley

Roy Hopperton
Martin Banks

Monday, June 11, 2007

Captaincy debate....

I was impressed with Adrians approach last year. Strengths lie in blatant intimidation of opposition and umpires employed so successfully against LS CC. Weaknesses difficult to establish, perhaps a little too severe on injured team mates.

Tony of course adds that extra strategic dimension and given todays technology he could still captain on a "virtual" basis even while in Africa.

Given hoppys anorak approach this wouldn't be the case whilst on a combine.

Jasons too involved with property development whilst Ian Harris has yet to prove himself at the lowest level.

Jeremy will be applying his trade elsewhere if the MCC grapevine is to be believed

That leaves Roy Hopperton, Martin Banks and Pete Pullan and it's difficult to make a case for any of these without a huge stretch of ones imagination.

I have my supporters but I'll be spending more time with an extended family, which one remains to be seen.

To conclude I'd take Adrian as Captain with Tony offering added value governance from deep third man.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fixtures for 2007 so far....

Please put these dates in diary. Lets also try and arrange some nets beforehand to loosen joints !

Kimbolton Sunday 17th June
HM tax Office Sunday 1st July
Great staughton Friday 13 July (7pm)
LS Church Invitation XI special fixture Sunday 2nd September

Thursday, May 31, 2007



Please find attached a financial statement on the expenditure for the Sports Pavilion.

There are a couple of points that I would like to bring to your attention.
There is an excess of expenditure over budget, but the budget numbers did not include VAT
The VAT return does mean that we have un-budgeted expenditure of nearly £400, although over 50% of this is for local council services (planning and building control)
We have received the payment from the Rural Grants
There is no further major work to be completed, at this stage. But there is still work to be completed, when funds permit. Mary Jordan is considering ways of raising further funding for the playing field, which will be a new source of funding.

Any other ideas, suggestions or thoughts will be gratefully received, can I suggest that you contact Mary in this instance.

Thanks and regards


Monday, May 28, 2007

Message from the President....


I am very pleased to advise that the Sports Pavilion erection has now been completed. But as with this type of project there is an amount of "post construction" work to be completed. In the short term we should consider:
provide a means of security/cover for the windows;
provide guttering and drainage (recommended by Hodgsons);
possibly provide solar security lights to deter;
clear away rubbish and tidy up the area around the base;
lay block paving to the front of the pavilion (we have been offered some FOC from Marshalls);
provide a ramp for disabled access;
arrange a formal opening of the pavilion
In the longer term - hopefully as capital development we could consider the provision of water and power supply.

Any suggestions or further ideas for development that I have omitted from the mail, then please do let me know. Or if anybody has any ready made solutions then it wouldbe good to hear of them.

Insurance cover has been arranged and the final payment made to Hodgsons, so the pavilion is ours.

I currently have the keys if anybody needs them, I will also lodge a set with Marion.

We do have a series of pictures that we should collate, not only for the feedback to the grant organisations but to act as record of achievement within the village.

Finally on behalf of the Parish Council and the village, I would like to thank you all for the tremendous effort and hard work that each of you has contributed to get where we are today. It is very much appreciated and has been fun as well.

We have started so now we need to continue and move forward

With very best wishes

Tony Moss


Little Staughton Parish Council

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Preparations for pavilion underway...

Hole dug, filled with hardcore and concrete ready for pavilion delivery and build on 22nd may. Planning permission secured, building regs tortuous....pitch looking excellent !!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Successful bid....

Full amount of money now raised from lottery and rural grants. Planning permission submitted, and order placed for pavilion as shown. hopefully build complete before season begins. Square looking in fair condition following cut, so nets going up this weekend hopefully. Time to dust off the kit !
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sports Pavilion update...

Good news received after Christmas that £10,000 awarded from a lottery fund towards this project ('Awards for All' scheme). Still need another £8-10,000 to commission build, but we are currently in negociation with Bedfordshire Rural Grants, and are hopeful of positive outcome in near future.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


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