Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Press Release......

Press Release Press Release Press Release Press Release Press Release

The Crown Defeats Bertie’s Burger Bar

Following the successful Cricket Dinner on Saturday evening, Kevin and Maria are pleased to advise all of their patrons and customers that Bertie’s Burger Bar will not be making an appearance at any time in the future. They would also like to add that at no time were any negotiations in progress with Trust House 30. We also wish to make it very clear that at no time did Dotty Barking stay at the Crown, or even indulge in her less salubrious past times on the premises. “We are pleased to feature in any positive publicity” was the quote from Kevin Late on Saturday evening.

We are pleased to advise that our current developments centred on the refurbishment of the restaurant and development of the new improved menus will continue as planned. This is in spite of any upset or implied change that may have been apparent from events on Saturday evening.

Why not take advantage of our current offer for Sunday Lunch (no bear meat is used in the making of the lunches!!).

Maria and Kevin
Sunday 8th May 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well I can't remember....but that doesn't matter as the first CC dinner was a huge success. Murder Mystery enacted by the St Neots Players assisted medically by Dr Rege, and in inquiry by Mr Shaw. Have to say they contributed very little.....knife wound to hepatic artery through axilla very unlikely and obvious murderer not detected by one of the MET's finest. Excellent food, wine, service, and entertainment. Many thanks to the many people involved in this event....we raised over £2000 for LSVCC.