Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Challenge !....

To the gallant members of the Liitle Staughton Village Cricket Club ,

                    Let in be known that on this day  24th MAY 2009 in the
                   Reign of  HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH 2nd

The President Elect of The very honourable Rotary Club Of Kimbolton Castle
does hereby challenge the gallant members of the Liitle Staughton Village Cricket Club to a cricket match on the 26th July 2009, at the said club.

Followed by a sumptuous feast in  the local ale house known as the Crown Inn where much ale and merry making will that place in celebration of such a wondrous day of the sport of willow against leather ..

The Honourable Rotary Club will field a team known as the Presidents Select Eleven.

The Trophy to be awarded to the victorious team will known as The Presidents Middle Stump.

Rules regarding the days play to be decided by agreement of both teams . 

In the event of a draw the toss of a coin of the realm will decide the team that holds the Trophy
for one year

Let battle commence and may the best team be victorious , and the loosing team try harder!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Northants County Players....

Good to see LSVCC feeding on to higher level cricket....Olly and Maya both representing Northants this weekend, U10s and U15 girls respectively. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jazz and Hogroast....

£2264 raised at Jazz and Hogroast event to be shared between LSVCC and The Church.....many thanks to all those who contributed to great day, and particularly to Hoppertons for being the hosts.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Paxton....

First friday evening match a rather soggy event. Visitors from Little Paxton, also a reforming local cricket club. Fun had by all, LSVCC had upper hand when rain and gloom stopped play....meant an early retirement to The Crown for fish and chips. Highlights included Ollie Jordan's unbeaten 50 (although he now has a few balls to find), Glens unbeaten knock from down-under. Hoppy's multiple attempts to get himself out, and Patricks demon bowling (remarkable). Rematch eagerly awaited.....

Monday, May 11, 2009


Only delivered to 2000 homes !!......

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2nd LSVCC Single Wicket 3/5/09

Sunday 3rd May saw 14 of Little Staughtons finest take to the playing field for the 2nd LSVCC Single Wicket Competition.

In true village style the 12pm start soon became a 12.30 ish start, with Jody setting the standard with some very energetic running between the wickets, and a total of 55 of his 4 overs.

The first wicket of the day did not fall until the 4th batsman, and was a family affair with Thrasher senior bowling Junior Thrasher (Ben). Following this wickets started to become a little bit more of an recurrence, and the first run out came about off of the bowing of Pete Pullan, with James running out newbie Clive.

Notice must be made of the tactics of Peter F, giving Simon Stokes a wide down leg, then one outside off, followed by the straight which was in turn missed by Stokes the rest is history.

In the end the event finishes with a Tie, with both James and Adrian finishing with a total for the day of 59. The pair took to the net for a 3 ball bowl off, and with Adrian determined to win it with spin, and Hoppy hitting the deck forgetting it was concrete, the on looking spectators (well players), were starting to think it may be time to take to the pub and settle this with a drink off, when Hoppy chucked down a full toss taking out off peg, and our champion for 2009 was crowned.

Other areas of interest were as follows:

Most runs scored in 4 overs: Jody & Adrian (55)

Most runs scored in 1 over: Will (21)

Best Bowling 1 over: Simon (-8)

Best Bowling 4 overs: James: (10)

Most wickets in 1 over: Simon/Ben/James (2)

Most Wickets in 4 overs: James/Adrian (3)

Highest placed Junior (depends what age you class as junior): Bob 6th / Will 5th / Ben 8th

Date for Diary: 3rd LSVCC Single Wicket: Sunday 2nd May 2010