Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marvellous Middleton....

At last a game of cricket against Berkeley Street team ! No age barriers to this side...LSVCC skippered by 13 year old (OT) and Tony Moss coming out of retirement to play first game for two seasons. AT even tried to persuade new village resident Clive to play as one short, although he politely declined on the basis that he was 89 years old. Have to say he looked a lot fitter than most of us ! Highlights were numerous dropped catches (including AT), Tom Lumley guesting from France and taking 3 fine wickets, but biggest of all was 4 wicket haul from Noel Middleton who also guided the team over winning line with his bat. Hoppy turned up late after fixing combine harvester (don't know why they don't do that in winter), but at end of day was only required to collect match fees.